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Lenten Water Project

From: Friday, March 8 4:00 PM
To: Sunday, April 21 5:00 PM

Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart Parish & Ames Rotary Club International have joined to raise money for the Mhezi Village, Tanzania Water Project.

Every Monday in our lenten handout, we have listed a challenge of prayer, fasting, and almsgiving for parishioners and families to participate in each week, not only as a way to raise donations but to raise our awareness of the struggles affecting 1/3 of the population of our planet and see the ways we can affect small changes in our behavior to help create large changes in our community and world. 

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 The Mhezi Village water project initiative started in May 2013 with the major objective of increasing access to clean and safe water for villagers, school children, and the surrounding communities.  Subsequently, the Rotary Foundation has disbursed initial funds for developing a sustainable spring source, construction of a main storage, fixing a treatment unit, piping and construction of water distribution points, training on water system management, to mention a few. Effective completion of the expected water system is needed to sustain access to safe & clean water for domestic use, hygiene, sanitation, livestock, construction, and food security.


Lenten Water Project