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CEW for the Deaf

From: Friday, October 4 2:00 PM
To: Sunday, October 6 2:00 PM

Weekend of Retreat October 4-6, 2019

Deadline to sign up is September 20, 2019

The Christian Experience Weekend (CEW) IS a retreat for ANYONE. This retreat is for people from all different churches, not only Catholics. You will enjoy speakers in ASL, group sharing, group prayer services, and a chance to worship together and share our faith.  The retreat will help you grow in your faith in Christ as you look at your relationship with yourself, with others, and with God. Each person is welcome to chat and share with others in helpful ways.  You can share in whatever way you are comfortable.

Why a CEW?

Life is hard. We can become very busy.  If we are busy, it is easy to forget God. It is hard in today’s world to live like God wants us to live.

CEW gives you a chance to spend time with God and other people who believe in Him.  It also gives you a time to think about your life of faith so far and where you would like it to go.

As Christians, we are part of a family of believers.  During CEW, you will enjoy this Christian family in many different ways and come to understand how important sharing our faith together is in our lives.

Jesus came and helped the early Christian disciples become a family of believers and then they helped each other.  We also can enjoy this through the CEW weekend. We very much hope you will join us!

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CEW for the Deaf