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60th Anniversary

From: Thursday, March 28 12:00 PM
To: Sunday, June 30 1:00 PM

To highlight each of the six decades, we want to feature what was going on at OLIH from the 60’s through today.   So scour your attics and basements for photos and artifacts capturing the memories you have of OLIH. Did your team play on the softball field? Did you get married in the original 1962 church? Did you ride the ‘Amen’ bus? Were you a catechist or part of a planning committee? Whatever says ‘OLIH’ to you, scan and send us the photo or drop them off at the office. We need them by June 1, 2019.

We are currently putting together teams (see below) to gather ‘memories’ for each decade. Think back to when you arrived at OLIH and the years since. Ask yourself these questions and then send us your answers:

· Pastor, staff, ‘personalities’—who were the guiding forces?

· Building/physical plant (reflecting needs/growth of the parish)

· What traditions/organizations were established? (do they still exist?)

· What were major events during that decade—at OLIH, Diocese, Ankeny, World— what impact did they have?

· What was day to day life like/the backdrop for this era

Are there stories to illustrate this period? Think of when you go to family reunions and the ‘legends’ that are repeated and handed down.

 Here’s who to contact about each decade:

60’s-Norma Righi, Rosemary Hutton Taylor, Kathy Magnani Lickteig

70’s-Tom & Joan Quinlin, Francis & Teresa Schleuter

80’s- Dwight & Bev Whitlatch, JIm & Kathy Orsland

90’s-Larry & Pat Murphy

00’s-Jason Follett, Barb & John Ledvina

10’s-Joan Ski

Care to help? Call Joan, 515/964-3038

Be part of the ‘make it happen’ crew! We’re going to need:

A) Historians who can help us ‘tell our story’ and organize the photos and items submitted.

B) Event planners—in 2020 we plan to celebrate our six decades from January 6 (Founding Day) to June 20 (Feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary). Let’s make it fun for everyone!

If you can help, call the office 515.964.3038 or email us.


60th Anniversary