Read: Luke 10:38-42

I didn’t immediately realize which reading I signed up to blog about but to discover it was the entry on ‘Martha & Mary’? Well, this has always been a difficult one for me because I am a ‘Martha’ to the nth degree. I was raised by a Mom with a strong German work ethic (one of those ‘do-push-ups-until-the-doctor-gets-here’ kind of work ethics) so I’ve always identified with the frustration of Martha and her whine of ‘don’t you care that my sister has left me to do all the work by myself?’ Ah, that note of self righteousness with just a touch of the martyr complex. Why, I believe I can even hear it said in my voice! And what is the Lord’s reply? ‘Just one thing is needed…and Mary has chosen the right thing.’ Really?! And yet, this is what makes the Bible so great to read. It still applies to us. It’s like Jesus is talking to us. Walking along and being that good friend who gently chides us to get over ourselves and get our priorities straight.

PS: It doesn’t help that my sister’s name is Mary!

Joan ‘Ski’ Sieczkowski, Communications Coordinator