Read: John 12:1-8

This reading has, since high school, been one (of many) that confuse and frustrate me. I cry out with Judas, though from the perspective of caring for the poor and the lost potential of help for them. Over the years, I have learned the absolute value and necessity for paying proper homage to our King.  As Jesus says, he is not always among us in the way he was with Mary, Lazarus, and his disciples.  That Mary should wish to honor him as he ought to be honored should be my desire as well.

Has my heart grown cold and miserly that I cannot see the true gift of being extravagant for Jesus, not necessarily in money, but in my efforts, in how I love, in actions I undertake on His behalf?  The minimum is never enough for us as Catholics – we MUST love with ALL our heart, with ALL our mind, and with ALL our soul. 

This Advent, due to a work conference & family vacation calling me out of town for 10 days in the middle of December, I have been able to strip down my extravagance of preparation and focus on the minimum, not from a sense of doing less, but by pouring myself fully into the little bit I am doing, as opposed to doing a lot, though not necessarily well.  The shift has been wonderful.  The truly important actions & undertakings have risen to the surface and I am able to more clearly recognize the glory & honor of the coming of our Lord Jesus into the world. 

Abby Hendersen, Assistant Director of Faith Formation/Youth Ministry, Grades 6-8