Read: Matthew 16:13-17

Over the years I have found that the best teachers are the ones who know the right questions to ask. Questions that make you think, make you go deeper within yourself, make you want more. Oh yes, questions can be challenging and it would often be easier to just get the “right answer”, no work, no fuss, and probably no growth! Jesus is a great teacher because he knows the right questions to ask. Have you ever sat down and just looked for all the questions Jesus asked to make his listeners think? I find that a great way to pray. To allow Jesus to ask me the question he asked his Apostles and disciples. The question posed today is a great example. “Who do you say that I am?” As I have taken this question to prayer at various times, I have been challenged to do more than just repeat the “facts” I know about Jesus, but to have to wrestle with who do I believe he really is in my life. Is he truly “my” Lord, “my” Savior? And if I answer positively to that, what does that mean for my life that particular day. Sit with this question or sit with any question Jesus asks and allow it to be his question to you.

Fr Steve Orr, Retired