Read: Mark 10:46-52

I think Jesus does want us to name our desires to him.  My prayer time has lead me to believe that Jesus wants us to tell him everything – the proverbial good, bad and ugly.  The wants and desires, noble or not.  Jesus wants a relationship with each of us that is as much about the nitty gritty of life as it is about our more noble moments.  After all, he did come to teach us how to live life more fully.  So it is equally important for me to name my deepest longings as it is to express my gratitude for all that I have.  And then, after I have said my piece, like with any good friend, I sit back and listen to what he wants to say to me.  After I have had my turn, it is so sweet to just relax and think to Jesus, so what do you want me to know today?  And then open my heart and listen.  Precious moments indeed.  I don’t allow this to happen nearly often enough.

Becky Robovsky, Business Manager