Read: John 10:7-18

Of all the Scriptures, one of the most familiar and most often referred to is Jesus, the Good Shepherd.  I don’t think this happens by accident!  It truly reflects:

  • Who Jesus is.

  • What Jesus is about.

  • Why He came to us in the first place.

It is such a clear visual when we see a picture of holy card of a sheep, resting comfortably on Jesus’ shoulders.  There is an intense physical AND internal closeness there after the sheep has been found.

  • Have you ever been lost and the found your way back to Jesus?

  • If so, how did that “closeness” to our Good Shepherd feel?

Lastly, I love this passage as  it directly includes us-the Gentiles-when He says, “other sheep that do not belong to this fold.”  He is referring to you and me!

  • Are we grateful enough to be included in Jesus’ flock?

  • What can/should we do to stay in Jesus’ flock?

  • Do you find consolation and peace knowing Jesus will ALWAYS  be our Good Shepherd?

Let’s ponder these questions in our holy season of Advent.

Joyce Clawson, Associate Director of Faith Formation, Grades 1-5