Read: Luke 7:36-50

Oh what a blessing sight is.  It’s a gift really, to see; but yet, so often, I see only with my eyes.  My eyes relay to my brain what is before me.  My brain then determines where to file this information, how to process it, what to do with it -  do I need to take action, do I need to ignore, is it worth my time?   My brain has been designed, it seems, to take me to judgement as quickly as possible.  Much like the “sinful woman” in today’s scripture, so easily judged and dismissed by Simon upon his first glance of her.  How does what he saw in front of him, with his own eyes, match Jesus’ vision of this woman? The scripture makes a point of saying she stayed behind Jesus, bathing his feet, anointing him; yet he “saw” her.  Without looking at her, it would seem, He SAW her…her pain, her sense of unworthiness, her faith. Our brain, just as the secular world around us, pushes us to make judgements.  Do I take the time to see with my faith, to understand more fully?  Do I see as God would have me see?  What a blessing sight is… how blessed am I to be seen by God.

Shelley Tegels, Director of Our Lady’s Little Learners Preschool