Read: Luke 24:13-34

I felt them…

Tears welling up in my eyes as he broke the bread in silence before me.  The priest had signed the entire Mass, as service was a celebration for individuals with special needs.  I saw God in a different light that day.

I think my experience may have been a “taste” of what the disciples felt on the road to Emmaus before they could “see.”

How often do we fail to see God?

The disciples could feel God burning in their hearts when Jesus revealed scripture, but they couldn’t see.  Anyone who has held a newborn they love can tell you it’s pure joy, yet that infant doesn’t speak a word.  Nonverbal children with special needs also shout love.  This joy…this love…is Jesus! 

God is revealed in the body!

For those of us who struggle to see God, focus on tasting the love the life. God answers prayers in ways we least expect because God is more than we expect!You’ll feel Him in the love of your heart.

Mary Sankey, Assistant Director of Faith Formation, Grades PK-K and Special Needs