Read: John 20:1-18

I found an audio version of this text and played it on my 15-minute drive to meet with my spiritual director. She’s been known to say, “my minivan is my monastery,” based on a book by the same title, so I thought I’d try it out. It’s a good way to dedicate time to God and calm down the driving situation!

What a delightful pairing of Easter and Christmas this passage provides. I’m prepping liturgies for Mary, Mother of God on January 1. As we are thinking about the Son of God, the Only-Begotten of the Father, it is good to keep in mind the women who played critical roles in the story of Jesus.

This account of Mary Magdalene (who has been called “Apostle to the Apostles” because of this passage) arriving at the Empty Tomb, is filled with mystery and awe displayed by many figures in the passage. I’ve been spending so much time immersed in the Infant Jesus these past few weeks that it was remarkable to read about the relationships he developed as an adult. These are close friends and disciples who spread the Good News of Jesus’ resurrection. In this Christmas season, we still fix our eyes to the Cross and the Empty Tomb! Alleluia! Love is alive!

Kyle Lechtenberg, Director of Music and Liturgy