Read: Luke 19:1-10

“The higher we climb, the clearer we hear Christ’s voice.” - Blessed Pierre Giorgio Frassatti

We all desire to see and be seen by Christ, and who would pass up a chance to have dinner with Him? Scripture suggests Zacchaeus is short in stature and so he climbs a tree to get a better view of Jesus.  Like Zacchaeus we sometimes need to put ourselves in a position to be found by our Lord.  Remembering that it is Jesus who desires us, who invites himself to dine with us, are there some ways we are being called to change our perspective, our point of view, so that we can receive and respond to Jesus’ invitation?  Spend some additional time in/with this scripture, and after climbing as high as you need to, sit with these questions and listen for the voice of our Savior, calling you closer this day

Randy Hendersen, Director of Youth Ministry