Read: Luke 15:11-32

This Bible reading never used to sit well with me.  I would joke, “God loves me, I’m just not a favorite child.” 

If Grace can’t be earned, why try?

Think of Mary.  Was Mary not favored?

·       Mary was asked to be God’s servant, live in poverty, and to give birth to our salvation.

·       She was judged, chased by a king’s army, and her son ran away for three days.

·       She watched people brutally kill her son, and sin everyday…yet she prays for us.

Mary’s life was not glamorous, and like the eldest son, life was not fair.  Mary said “yes” to God’s call.   I don’t need to be the center of attention at a party.  Rather, I want to be a consistent companion of the Lord.  That person the Lord can rely and call on when He has a need. 

God called Mary into a partnership with Him, and He’s calling you too. 

Mary Sankey, Assistant Director of Faith Formation, Grades PK-K & Special Needs