Read: Mark 6:30-44

So many times in Scripture, we see Jesus being hospitable, feeding His followers.  He sets the standard for us.  I ask myself:

·       Why does He do this?

·       Is He trying to accomplish more than taking care of a physical hunger?

In Jesus never neglecting His followers’ needs, He relied on the Apostles to help Him.  I’m often surprised at their sometimes frivolous and idiotic questions!  Yet, Jesus remains calm and informs them to follow His instructions.

·       Would I have done what Jesus asked or would I have encouraged some to go on their way as there just was not enough food?

Thank goodness the Disciples did find five loaves and two fish but who among them would have ever thought these morsels would end up feeding 5,000.  Trust and obedience come into play in this passage. 

·       What other virtues/attributes can be applied here?

·       Do you resonate with any of my questions?

·       Is this season of Advent calling you to trust Scripture, God’s Word, God’s invitation?

Together, let’s make a commitment to do just that!

Joyce Clawson, Associate Director of Faith Formation, Grades 1-5