Read: John 8:1-11

I often feel called to sit with this scripture:

Sometimes I am a Pharisee. Some days it’s easier to look at the sin and failures of others, to judge them and condemn them, rather than to look at my own sinfulness.  Throwing stones at someone else keeps me from looking at myself.

Sometimes I am the woman.  I am a sinful person and I know it, but even in my sinfulness I know Jesus loves me.  Because of His mercy I desire to change my ways.  Being accountable for my sinfulness, my actions, is essential in my relationship with Him!

Sometimes I am Jesus.  There are those situations in my life when I am called to step up for someone else.  To imitate Jesus in this story is to not condemn another for their sinfulness, but to have mercy which includes both loving them and accountability.  

During this last year as I have journeyed through my divorce I have cycled through these three phases of condemning, feeling condemned, and being called to extend mercy.  It’s been a spiral journey that keeps taking me deeper into conversation with God. 

What situation in your life takes you through this cycle and leads you deeper into relationship with God?

Patty Mayer, Director of Adult Faith Formation