Read: Matthew 28:16-20

Today is the last of our 30-Day Kick Start, let’s finish strong!

A very powerful way to pray with scripture we know well is to break it down word by word, brainstorming what each word alone means, use a thesaurus if that helps. 

Let’s take one phrase and begin there:

“Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations”

Go – move, begin, start, leave 

Therefore – accordingly,

And – also, in addition to,

Make – form, build, construct, bring about

Disciples – followers, students


All – everyone, leave no one out,

Nations – land, kingdom, area,

Go back and read the phrase again. When you start to look more closely at each word do you start to see the whole differently? 

After you work through the part of the Scripture that sticks out most for you – where is Jesus calling you to be part of making disciples today?

This way of praying is extremely powerful with the Our Father or Hail Mary - it’s a great way to renew those prayers we say without thinking about.

Patty Mayer, Director of Adult Faith Formation